Angels on the Water seeks to make investments from the low five to mid six figures range in seed and early stage, high impact businesses with a strong preference for opportunities with a significant nexus in Northeast Wisconsin known as the NEW North. Some funding may be available for high-growth companies outside Northeast Wisconsin, but all investments will be made in companies located in Wisconsin.

  • Seed and early stage:focus on businesses as early as the concept state to an including developed prototypes and could include re-starts or re-purposed businesses.

  • High impact:companies that (i) ultimately will compete at least nationally and (ii) offer a minimum "upside" return expectation of 10 times the Fund's initial capital investment.

  • Significant nexus in Northeast Wisconsin: the goal is to invest at least 50% of the Fund in companies that have a significant presence in the NEW North, though they need not be headquartered in the NEW North.

Targeted Sectors

Angels on the Water's Investment Committee makes investment decisions, seeking to invest in entrepreneurs whose concepts have high-growth, high-impact potential in the following sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • IT

  • Aeronautics

  • Advanced Materials

  • Clean Technologies

 Companies may be technology-driven or technology-based. Angels on the Water will look for small- to mid-sized companies with:

  • Opportunities to be actively involved

  • Fiscal discipline

  • Break-through products

  • Intellectual property

Likewise, Angels on the Water seeks to invest in companies that will benefit from the experience and management skills of members of the Board of Directors, Investment Committee or their designee. These mentors will guide the company to:

  • Evaluate and strengthen the management team

  • Evaluate and refine the business plan

  • Conduct thorough financial reviews

  • Provide strategic and operational assistance

  • Provide consistent support, including potential follow-on investments

Angel Funding Levels

Generally, Angels on the Water will commit only 10% of the fund's capital to a single company which would be $120,000.

Companies seeking funding will bear all expenses directly associated with the making or disposing of an investment, including all expenses associated with requesting funding.


Angels on the Water will retain its investment in companies until the Investment Committee and Company orchestrate an exit, through merger or acquisition, management buyout, venture capital/private equity buyout, business failure, or, in rare cases, public offering.  It is expected that exits will occur before 2022.